Episode 2: Text-Over-Image Generator

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Hi everyone, and welcome to The Maddest Show In Marketing™. My name is Jean Cote, and on today’s show, I’m going to be talking about creating text over images.

Not in the HTML way but as a dynamically generated image, because as business owners and entrepreneurs, we always want to increase our click through rates.

One of the things that I’ve learned from Frank Kern is that adding somebody’s name on an image increases the chances of people clicking on it.

In fact, let me just show you the image that Frank Kern uses all the time.

This is one of the images he uses to promote his videos. Notice how it says “Marketing Blueprint for Jean” on the top left corner?

That’s the reason you’re much more likely to click on the image because your name is right there.

Here’s another image that he uses.

It’s a diagram in the background and on top, it says “~Contact.FirstName~”. That’s the merge field that didn’t populate, but this is where it would say “Jean – Watch This Now!”.

So this technique makes it very appealing for people to click on the images, and the more you deploy this with your marketing campaigns, the more likely people are going to click on them which will increase engagement, and ultimately increase sales as well.

I loved this concept so much that I decided to create a text-over-image generator and I’m going to share it with you, for free. It looks like this:

What it allows you to do, is pick any image you’d like (don’t use a copyrighted image, instead, use a royalty free image or one you took yourself.)

For this example, I used a picture of a gift and added the name of my contacts in the middle. If you were to get that email in your inbox, I bet you’d be intrigued why your name was on there (and you’d probably click on it.)

So this generator allows you to:

  • Use any image that you want.
  • Change the text to anything you would like.
  • Position the text anywhere on the image.
  • Change the color of the text to anything.
  • Use any font that you want.

Let me give you an example of how it works. Once you’ve installed the generator, you can browse to the URL of the image and enter different names.

Here’s an example with “Michael”:

But what if some of your contacts don’t have their first name populated inside your CRM or ESP? Well, I thought of that, and you would want to use a generic name that suits any one of your contacts. For my image, I used the word “YOU” because it made sense after the sentence “A Special Gift For… YOU”.

Download the Text-Over-Image Generator!

If you go to that page and download the generator, I’m also going to be sending you a free step-by-step video tutorial on how to install it on your web server, and also how to customize it to your likings.

Okay, so once you’ve installed it and everything works correctly, you will want to go inside your CRM or ESP and insert it inside one of your emails.

I’m going to be demonstrating how to do it inside ONTRAPORT, which is my CRM of choice. I’m a HUGE fan of ONTRAPORT, and I even have three accounts with them for different businesses.

And by the way, this is ONTRAPORT 4.0 so if it looks different, it’s because I’ve been given early access to the “Beta” version since I’m an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant. I can do bug testing and stuff before it goes “Live” to the public, which should be VERY soon.

The first thing you’ll want to do is navigate to “Contacts > Messages” and create a new message. Personally, I prefer the old HTML editor as it’s more versatile.

Then write a Subject Line. I’m going to write “A Special Gift For You” so that they think they have a gift waiting for them. (And it will also match the content of the email with the photo of the gift.)

Then for the email copy, I’m simply going to give them a reason why I’m sending them a special gift.

Hey [First Name],

Today marks our 10th year anniversary of helping dog owners train their dogs… And as a way of saying “Thank You” to all who have supported us throughout the years, we’ve decided to give you a special gift!

And then finally, add your image. The URL of your image will be the URL of your generator with a merge field. So for me, it would be:

/txt-img/image.php?name=[First Name]

Hit “Preview” and your email should look something like this:

And of course, you’ll want to include a LINK to your image so that when people click on it, they go to one of your sales page or wherever you’d like them to go.

Now, to make sure everything works properly, you will want to send a test e-mail to one of your contacts and to make sure the [First Name] merge field populates correctly.

For this example, I’m just going to send myself an email and see what happens. Make sure that your contact has a “First Name” field entered.

A few minutes later, here’s the email I received:

Kind of cool right? Notice how it says “Special Gift For Jean” right on the picture? For me, it would instantly make me curious, and I’d click on it just to find out more about it.

And of course, with this Text-Over-Image Generator, you can change the image to anything you want. I’ve seen people use an envelope with the words “Top Secret” on it along with their contact’s first name. So it looks like it’s something unique to them. I’ve even seen jewelry with people’s names populated on it like this.

Download the Text-Over-Image Generator!

So on the next show, I’m going to be talking about shopping cart abandonment. You know when you go to checkout but then don’t end up completing the form, and you receive an email an hour later asking you to fill out the checkout process?

Well, this is very easy to set-up with the right strategy. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it inside an ONTRAPORT account.

So tune in next show, and thanks for watching!

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