Episode 1: Lead Magnet Delivery System

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Hi everyone, and welcome to The Maddest Show In Marketing™. On today’s show, I’m going to be talking about lead magnets, my lead magnet delivery system, and how you can use it to increase your lead magnet consumption rate.

This show is dedicated to business owners who want to leverage marketing automation to grow their business and free up some of their time so they can do more of what they love.

So, let’s get started!

This is my first Facebook LIVE show, and I also have my iPad ready here in case anybody has any questions throughout the presentation.

What is a typical lead magnet delivery system? Very simple – people request a lead magnet and then you immediately send them an email with a download link. That’s how 99% of the businesses out there do it, and that’s probably how you’ve been doing it.

However, the problem with this system is that if you look at your statistics, and my statistics show this very clearly, is that only about half the people who request your lead magnets will actually consume them.

For example, one of my lead magnets in the dog training niche was requested 392 times. However, only 190 of those people actually consumed the lead magnet, or clicked on the download link.

That’s 48.47%, which means that more than half the people never clicked used their lead magnet. So, in my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense to start promoting other products and services to those leads if they’ve never even consumed the lead magnet they requested in the first place.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve put in a lot of time and effort into creating your lead magnets, and you just know, that if people actually used them, well they would get a result in their life. And that’s what my lead magnet delivery system is designed to do – to follow up with those leads and remind them about the lead magnet they requested.

So, let me walk you through my lead magnet delivery system.

You have your typical lead magnet delivery system on the left, where people fill out an opt-in form and then they instantly receive their lead magnet. What you’ll want to do, is with the help of a marketing automation software is track when your leads click on the download link.

And if they don’t, then you’ll want to send a follow-up email a day later giving them a friendly reminder and basically saying “Hey, I noticed you requested my eBook, but you still haven’t downloaded it yet. Here’s the download link again…”

And again, you’ll want to do the same thing one more time a day later, but this time with a little bit more scarcity to entice them to take action. Something along the lines of “Hey, you requested my lead magnet, but you still haven’t downloaded it. You know, it’s not going to be available forever, so download it now before life happens, and you forget about it.”

So, what are the results of sending these two additional follow-up emails?

Well, in my dog training business I saw a 13% improvement in lead magnet consumption rate. Meaning that out of the 392 people who initially requested the lead magnet, the two follow-up emails enticed 51 additional leads to click on the download link.

One more thing I like to do with all of my lead magnets is once they click on the download link, I like to send them an email a day later asking them to share it with their friends on social media, on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a great way of getting free traffic and leads, and it works very well. Two days ago, I received a reply to my social sharing request email saying that she had shared my dog training eBook with her local animal shelters.

This is awesome because I didn’t have to take the time to promote my eBook, the leads did it for me! And this same thing can happen to you too if you employ this system in your business.

Now, I’d like to show you how you can build this system inside an ONTRAPORT account. As you may already know, I’m a Certified ONTRAPORT Consultant and I love the software. I’ve tried every kind of ESPs and CRMs like Infusionsoft, AWeber, Get Response, Drip, Active Campaign… And the one I liked most was ONTRAPORT, which is why I decided to become a consultant for that software.

BUT… You can use whichever software you prefer! It’s all good.

What I did, however, is if you have (or planning to have) an ONTRAPORT account, well I created a package that will instantly build everything I’m about to show you inside your account.

It’s 100% FREE and you can get it here:

And again, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section. I have my iPad right here ready to answer any questions you may have.

Okay, so here I am inside my ONTRAPORT account, and what you’ll want to do is go to “Sequences” and create two sequences. One for delivering your lead magnet – which will consist of your first email like you’re used to, and the two additional follow-up emails. And also, the second sequence for social sharing request.

So, let’s start to build the first sequence. I like to name things very simple, let’s say we’re giving away a parrot training eBook, well I would name this sequence “Lead Magnet – Parrot Training – Delivery”.

The first step is to create a tag since ONTRAPORT is a tag-based system. Enter the name of your rule, I’m going to name mine “+Tag Lead Magnet Download” and then set the actions of your rule to add a tag to the contact. You’ll need to create a new tag, I named mine “Lead Magnet – Parrot Training eBook”.

So as soon as they request the lead magnet, they’re automatically going to be tagged and it will give you the ability to segment later on if you want to – basically, you could email just the people who requested this particular lead magnet.

So, the first email is going to be sent immediately. I’ve already pre-made these emails, so you didn’t have to watch me waste anybody’s time writing emails. But if you install the FREE ONTRAPORT package then all of this will be automatically installed in your account, including the emails.

The second email will be sent one day later, and it’s a simple reminder. You’ll want to open it up with something along the lines of “Hey, yesterday you requested my eBook, but I noticed that you still haven’t downloaded it yet… Did life get in the way? Click the button below to download your eBook now.”

The cool thing here is that you can use some of the same copy you’ve written in the first email. You can see below the button; I copied the same stuff I wrote in the first email.

And the third email will be sent one day later. This is their last reminder and their last chance to download their eBook, so you’ll want to build a little bit of scarcity. Just saying that the eBook won’t be available forever and that they should download it NOW before they forget about it usually good enough.

Here’s what the sequence looks like:

And the last step is to unsubscribe people from the sequence once they’ve gone through it all. This way their contact record will be nice and clean, and if they request the lead magnet a second time in the future, well they’re going to receive the same sequence of emails.

So, there you go… Half the system built right there!

Next, you’ll want to build the second sequence – which is the social sharing request. Create a new sequence and name it “Lead Magnet – Parrot Training eBook – Clicked”. Basically, the same name as the first sequence but with the word “Clicked” added at the end.

Create a rule so that you know who downloaded the eBook and who hasn’t. So, the name of the rule will be “+Tag Lead Magnet Clicked” and the action is to add the tag “Lead Magnet – Parrot Training eBook – Clicked”.

Then create an email that is sent out one day later. The copy for this one is relatively simple, all you have to do is say:

“Hey, I noticed you recently requested my eBook, and I was wondering if you could help me spread the word about it. You see, there are so many parrot owners struggling with training their parrot to talk and would really appreciate if you could help me help them. All you have to do is click on the button below to share my eBook on Facebook and Twitter. It really shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds…”

You see how I have the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons directly inside my email? You can generate sharing links using a social media link generator. The trick is to send people to your lead capture or landing page, rather than directly to your eBook download page. This way, you’ll get more leads.

And the final step is to unsubscribe the contact after the last step.

Almost done!

The only thing left now is to create a global rule to tie both of the sequences together. So that when people click on the links inside the emails #1, #2 and #3 – they’ll be removed from the delivery sequence and added to the social sharing request (or clicked) sequence.

This is very easy to do… Go to “Rules” and then “New Rule”. Name it “Lead Magnet – Parrot Training eBook – Clicked on Download Link”.

Then select the trigger “Clicked on an email link” with link #1. Do this for all three emails and then create an action step that removes them from the delivery sequence and adds them to the social sharing request (or clicked) sequence.

Pretty simple, right?

That’s the whole system built! Good job!

You’ll want to create a form that adds people to the delivery sequence after they request the lead magnet, but that’s my lead magnet delivery system in a nutshell.

And again, if you want this whole thing built right into your account, then you can get my FREE ONTRAPORT Package here:

Simply write in your name and email address, and I’ll send you a special code you can enter inside your ONTRAPORT account, and it will add the sequences, emails, tags and rules automatically.

Do you recognize this guy?

This is Frank Kern, and on the next show, I’m going to be talking about a really cool ninja tactic he always uses, which is adding the names of contacts inside images.

This is not text above the image like on a web page; the images are generated dynamically created.

The funny thing is, he had one image where he was holding an envelope and then his script would generate “To First Name” on it, so it looked like he was holding an envelope with my name on it. Of course, that peeked my curiosity, and I had to click on it.

So, on the next show, I’m going to spill the beans on this and how you can create this exact system inside your business.

Thanks for watching!

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